Best Books for Learning Email Marketing

The New Email Revolution by Robert W. Bly

Email marketing is a skill which requires you to launch email campaigns by building a list of potential email subscribers. An email campaign only depends on one thing: “EMAIL MESSAGE”. This book by Robert W. Bly will help you in getting your subscribers to read your email messages. The perfect and practised secrets of email copywriting are part of this book. The formatting of content like audio and visual aids is also taught with the help of examples in this book. If you are a beginner, then you should definitely give it a try because it teaches you:

  • To find templates for creating emails
  • Tackling different situations
  • Knowing the right wording
  • Knowing the email length
  • Getting the subscribers to reply to your messages
  • Rules and legal laws
  • Incorporating photos and videos
  • Measuring the delivery, bounce and response rate
  • Writing more persuasive emails

Email Marketing For Dummies by John Arnold

If you are a beginner and have no idea about email marketing books, then this one is the best startup book for you. This book is not advanced as other books on similar topics, but it gives a reader a general understanding of the email marketing components and methods. Even if you are an advanced learner, this book can still help you polish your basic skills in the easiest way possible. All the updated versions of the book give you new insights according to the latest trends and rise in technological development. This book is the best one for beginners because:

  • It helps you with email marketing strategies
  • It helps you set achievable objectives
  • It helps you reach your objectives
  • It simplifies the process of list building
  • It helps you with message creation
  • It gives different ways of tracking results
  • It offers legal guidance to freshers
  • It helps you from getting into scams
  • It explains the methods of tracking results
  • It provides an easy-to-follow guideline

The Email Lifeline by Anik Singal

This book is ideal for you if you want to achieve more in less time with no troubles and risks. It helps a reader build the first email list without complicated research or any planning and complex strategies. It keeps the first email list simple for beginners. This book teaches you that email-building lists are not a difficult thing to do. This book encourages you to take a step and enter the email marketing world. This book teaches ways to make every email a success story for your company. In this book, a reader will discover:

  • Building an email list using free and paid methods
  • Encouraging people to click the ‘BUY’ button
  • Choosing the right products to promote
  • Understanding event-based marketing
  • Knowing the basic rules of making each email a success story 

Mastering Online Marketing by Magnus Unemyr

This book makes you believe in a big game rather than just email marketing. There are a lot of things that can increase your sales, and one of them is email marketing. The writer Magnus gives an overview of online marketing to help readers see the bigger picture. This book lets you fill the missing puzzle outside email marketing to grow your metrics. There are loads of methods and techniques for email marketing in this book, but the overall purpose is to understand the importance and goal of email marketing. This book helps the readers to learn:

  • Learning about current trends in online marketing
  • Attracting more visitors
  • Improving lead generation 
  • Using effective email marketing methods
  • Understanding marketing automation 
  • Learning blogging, call-to-action, registrations forms etc
  • Creating effective blog articles, checklists, video tutorials and webinars
  • Using social media marketing
  • Running online and offline campaigns 
  • Learning different tools of online marketing

Email Persuasion by Ian Brodie

If you are entering the world of email marketing, you should read this book without an iota of doubt. Many people label it as a good book for email marketing as it is full of practical methods, techniques, strategies and email marketing theories. This book first makes you believe in email marketing and then provides practical examples for you to implement it. In this book, the reader will discover about:

  • Understanding clients and their needs
  • Motivation for clients to buy from you
  • Getting your emails opened and read
  • Engaging the clients to create a ‘Fan Base.’
  • Turning email subscribers into paying clients 

Email Marketing Mastery by Tom Corson-Knowles

This is a really short yet wonderful book for learning email marketing strategies and techniques. It is suitable for beginners because it drafts the working of email marketing in detail with practical examples. This book helps the readers implement email marketing campaigns in their company. Moreover, it also provides a checklist of 8 points to consider before setting up email campaigns. After giving a guideline about email marketing, this book also helps you solve the problems faced during email marketing. This book will help you discover:

  • Building an email list
  • Choosing a suitable autoresponder as per your budget
  • Minimising your investment and maximising your return
  • Becoming an analytics master
  • Saving dollars while marketing 

Email Marketing Demystified by Matthew Paulson and Elisa Doucette

This book is available at a very low price but has all the techniques and strategies you need for email marketing. This book will help you grow from zero to million subscribers. This book provides the personal experience of Matthew Paulson and Elisa Doucette. This book is not entirely for beginners, but after a basic understanding of email marketing, you can simply count on this book to expand your email marketing. In this book, a reader will find the techniques used by expert email marketers to build a large mailing list. This book will help you learn:

  • Building a massive list using different techniques
  • Writing compelling copy to persuade your readers
  • Optimization 
  • Skyrocketing your sales
  • Developing engaged fan-base
  • Keeping your messages out of SPAM

Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing for Business by Susan Gunelius

This book by Susan is perfect for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Whether you work online or offline, this book will help you greatly. This book covers all the email marketing techniques, from list building to revenue generation. This is merely a practical book that will help you learn effective techniques to deliver the right message to the right person. This book will help you know:

  • Email list analytics
  • Usage of personalization
  • Automation mechanics
  • Encouraging people to subscribe to your email
  • Tactics to attract people
  • Saving time and keeping subscribers engaged
  • Boosting conversions 
  • Analyzing your performance using key metrics
  • Winning back customers with automation and customized plans
  • Understanding the rules and laws of email marketing

Integrated Digital Marketing by Eric Carlin

Eric Carlin is one of the most famous email marketing authors. This book is easy for beginners and helps you start your self-journey. It helps the readers learn actual email marketing tricks and other digital marketing niches to communicate with the right audience in the best possible way. This book will help you discover:

  • Techniques used by email marketing experts
  • Answers of beginners in this field
  • Integrating your messages across channels
  • Reviewing competitors
  • Building an integrated strategy
  • Acquiring traffic
  • Converting subscribers into customers

Marketing Automation & Online Marketing by George Pain

In digital marketing, automation is key to success. This book provides you with answers to your questions regarding email marketing and SEO. This book is excellent for small and medium-sized companies that want to scale up and automate the process. This book tells you about all tips and tricks regarding marketing automation software. It is considered the best book for beginners to know all the basics of email marketing. This book helps the readers know:

  • Marketing automation details
  • Benefits of marketing automation
  • Types of market automation
  • Controlling business through automation
  • The right time to start automation
  • Proper timing of starting automation
  • Implementing business automation
  • Best automation tools

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