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Ghostwriting is growing real fast in the freelancing world, and in this post, we are going to tell you how you can find ghostwriting jobs easily.

What is Ghostwriting?

Ghostwriters are employed writers who are paid but are not credited for the work they create. 

This professional relationship usually involves two parties: 

  • The “author,” who employs the freelance author to create material for a negotiated price, shall be responsible for all the original work. 
  • The “ghost,” the freelance writer who is usually compensated before the job is done, gets the money as a “employment job” and does not take any of the credit for his ghostwriting work.

How to become a ghostwriter?

However it is split, the ghostwriting business can be very profitable. You need a lot of experience as a freelance writer to become a well-paid ghost. The books under your own name or years of website writing experience or other kinds of copies for businesses could prove this. 

Even if the economy struggles, another freelance writer still has space in his writing career. Ghostwriting can be very profitable if you have learned how to manage the ins and outs and how to communicate with its customers professionally.


Another way to pursue a ghostwriting job is to become a Fiverr seller. You must build gig packages and set the price for your writing services for using this website. 

Fiverr gives freelancers the opportunity of creating three gig packages (premium, standard and basic) and pricing them between $5 and $995. 

This freelance site would work for you if you do not want to spend time on job bidding. You just have to make your account look attractive, and your buyers will find you at Fiverr.


If you have never worked as a ghostwriter before, check out this website. HireWriters will not help you to earn lots of money. But it will help you to land your first ghostwriting job and gain experience.

Once you improve your writing skills, you will be able to set a higher price for your services. If you are dedicated to writing, your income will be steadily growing.


ghostwriting job sites

Upwork is the largest freelance website online. And, of course, it’s a perfect place to look for the best paid jobs in ghostwriting. You will find a work that suits your talents, whether you’re an accomplished writer or a newbie. 

In May 2019 Upwork adopted a new connection policy. It should be noted. And now freelancers must pay between $0.15 and $1.05 for a work order. The good news is that customer invites are always free.


Freelancer is another popular place for ghost-writing work.  It works as Upwork. The main distinction is that you don’t have to pay for work proposals. 

Moreover, you can sell it at Freelancer when you have written a book but have not sold it yet. Some clients are looking for unpublished writings on this freelance website. But you’ll make money on it quick if your book is a good read.


Visit FlexJobs if you want to get a remote job. In addition to ghostwriting work, this website helps you to use educational tools such as webinars, tests of skills and freelancing tips free of charge.


If you continuously strive to maintain work, look for ghostwriting jobs, manage a personal life, and would love if someone else can seek a job for you? try SolidGigs. It is a gig seeking service that guides you to your inbox once a week, the highest level of freelancing jobs. 

New members are only able to sign up for $2. Think of saving you all the time!


The vast majority of modern businesses are posting new jobs on their social media and blogs. But as a ghostwriter, you are aware that updating Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and business websites is a time consuming job.  

FreedomWithWriting is a blog with a current look at jobs published recently. You can register for newsletters and get regular email job reminders directly in your mailbox.


If you are an academic writing expert, check out this website. Dozens of ghostwriting jobs can be found here. Studicus offers you relevant projects to work on whether you have a background in Marketing, Engineering, Healthcare, Economics and other areas. 

Your income depends on your experience and productivity. You can write research papers and essays for high school students if you are a recently graduated student with little knowledge. 

You can write master’s thesis papers and earn more if you’re an experienced writer.

Writers work

Writers Work is a specialized website that leads to a writing profession. It offers technical training, writing materials, a portfolio online, and other services. More specifically, it helps writers to rapidly and efficiently find ghost-writing work. 

Writers Work explores the World Wide Web for the best writing gigs and brings them directly to the dashboard of the writer. It leads to improving the search and producing better outcomes.


PeoplePerHour is a Fiverr-like freelance website. So you can find it easy to use this website if you have already used Fiverr. 

The good news is that PeoplePerHour is more famous than Fiverr among high-paying customers. Therefore, you can move to the website if you want to maximize your earnings from ghostwriting.


You shouldn’t miss this site if you are a newbie in writing. But you can try your chance to become a writer on the Toptal if you are a professional writer. 

Toptal is a freelance website welcoming only elite writers. You will be featured on this website if you show you have outstanding writing skills. You’ll have an opportunity to meet wealthy customers and get some of the best-ghostwriting jobs. 

Big businesses are willing to spend immense money on premium copies. Why don’t you take advantage of that? Apply today to Toptal and take your freelancing experience to the next step.


Do you dream of collaborating with best-selling authors and editors? If you enter Reedsy, your dream will be fulfilled. 

Visit today this website and create a new profile: list your qualifications, host your portfolio and list previous professional experience. Your submission will be shown on the Reedsy marketplace when it is approved. 

Collaborative writing resources, to do lists, calendars and messengers are available.


Guru is a freelance platform which offers ghostwriters unlimited opportunities. Buyers use this website to locate aspiring writers who are capable of producing romance novels, eBooks of fiction, and erotic stories. 

And if you’re a niche professional you’re quickly going to find a job here. 

You will decide whether you want to work on an hourly or fixed project on this freelance site. You can also check how much the prospective customer invested on Guru. 

It allows you to make sure your customer will pay for your work.


Textbroker is a website that provides access for every topic to thousands of ghostwriting jobs. You can find a project suitable to your preferences if you want to write articles on furniture, fragrance or food photography. 

Textbroker also helps writers to choose when and how much content they want to produce. It says, how much one ghostwriter can earn is limitless. 

You can really make massive profits if you are willing to work more than 40 hours a week.

Media Bistro

Recruitment managers from around the world are actively searching at media bistro for new ghostwriters. Join the media bistro community if you would like to help them find you. 

The tools and services available to master writing skills are given on this website. You will be a step ahead of the market and you won’t have any problems seeking new ghostwriting work when you use the resources wisely.

Problogger job board

You should have a look at the Problogger Job board when blogging is “your cup of tea.” If you’re writing about fitness, medicine, supplements, or electronics, you’ll have great opportunities for work here. 

Problogger Job Board is a place to get to know from other’s blogs and learn tips about blogging. This website is the best solution for you if you are planning about creating your own blog in the future.


Verbilo is a perfect platform for dedicated bloggers. Business owners are using Verblio to locate ghostwriters who produce outstanding content for their websites and blogs. 

This site is the best option for you if you enjoy writing website descriptions and business posts rather than eBooks and novels. Here you can notice ghostwriting jobs that would not disappoint you.

Constant Content

Only experienced writers who are aware of how to produce quality, SEO-friendly copies are approved by constant content. So you can apply to write on this platform if you’ve previously worked in this area. 

The system will allow you to create a profile when your application is approved. You can pick the projects you want to work on. 

Constant Content is a website that helps you to find ghostwriting jobs every day. If you are looking for a website to make you feel financially secure, Constant Content is an excellent choice.


PickTheWriter is an online review website, not a freelance platform. It regularly employs ghostwriters. Don’t wait to try it out if traditional freelance platforms are not working for you. 

Are you interested in joining a team of creative ghostwriters and collaborating on exciting projects? If your answer is “yes,” the best position for you is PicktheWriter.


If you want to become a member of a ghostwriting community, join Writology. It’s a website that provides writers with great support and the opportunity to make big money.

Writology is rather popular among professional writers. And once you find ghostwriting jobs here, you will understand why other writers work at this platform for years.

Writing Jobz

Writing Jobz is a platform that offers ghostwriters to get paid for writing research papers, business plans, and dissertations. Writing Jobz is ready to hire writers with different educational backgrounds.

If you are an English native speaker, you can take a chance to join this freelance writing platform. All you need to do is to submit your application and take a language test.


Workana is a new freelance platform. It’s not as popular as sites like Upwork and Freelancer, but it’s also worth your attention.

Workana offers three membership plans that are affordable for every ghostwriter – a monthly price starts at $4.90. And Workana doesn’t charge any additional freelance fees.

And in contrast to other freelance platforms, this platform is available not only in English, but also in Portuguese, and Spanish.


Are you tired of looking through hundreds of ghostwriting jobs every day? Do you spend more time on job search than on writing? If you want to find ghostwriting jobs fast and easily, use Periodix.

Periodix is an AI-powered platform that works super effectively. It helps to discover jobs with the highest chances to be hired within a minute.

Using Periodix, you can save your precious time and find better job opportunities.


Do you want to create content for such famous companies as L’Oreal and LinkedIn? Check out Scripted.

Scripted is an online writing service that is very popular among well-known brands. This site provides jobs only for the most talented writers. According to statistics, only 2% of applicants become writers on Scripted.

If you believe that you are really good at writing, take a chance and submit your application.

BKA Content 

BKA Content is a website where you can find ghostwriting jobs and also meet other ghostwriters. Working at BKA Content, you can choose the articles you like from the list of available options.

You can set your own schedule and get paid for each piece you write.

The only issue is that BKA Content hires U.S. citizens only. So if you are not an American, you are not eligible to apply.

Working Nomads

Do you want to work remotely for innovative companies, but don’t want to spend hours and hours on the job search? Join Working Nomads and get access to the curate lists of the most interesting ghostwriting jobs.

This site will help you to save your time on job search and optimize your working process. You will be able to focus on writing and deliver better results.


If you want to develop your writing skills, you may be interested in this site. It works as an educational platform for newbies and as a job board for experienced writers. If you need a coach in writing, you can also find one here.

No matter whether you live in the United States or any other country, you can use this site. Contena is accessible for ghostwriters across the globe.

LinkedIn Job Search 

LinkedIn Job Search is an effective tool for finding ghostwriting jobs. If you keep your account up to date and check companies’ updates regularly, you will easily attract high paying clients.

Don’t repeat the mistake that other freelancers make. Don’t ignore the importance of social media presence. Use your LinkedIn account wisely, and you will succeed in life as a writer.


TheBestGhostwriters is an online service that helps clients to find talented ghostwriters and vice versa. This site is focused on writing memoirs, novels, and screenplays.

If you have experience in writing such kinds of copies, don’t hesitate to contact the website’s owner. Send an application and wait for the reply.

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