27 Best Online Proofreading Job Sites In 2022

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What is Proofreading?

Proofreading is the process of checking the text before finalizing it for publishing. It includes grammatical errors, capitalization, punctuations, and other minor errors in the text. It also checks the formatting issues in the text. It applies to all the written documents such as blogs, resumes, research papers, emails, books, etc. Many companies hire proofreaders for editing purposes.

Proofreading is another emerging business in the freelancing world and it is growing quickly.

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Do you need qualifications to be a proofreader?

A Proofreader must have the following skills to become a professional Proofreader:

  • Strong English Language skills.
  • Precisely catch all grammatical mistakes in articles.
  • Able to work independently to meet deadlines.
  • Computer proficiency.

Where to find the best online proofreading jobs?

In this article, we are sharing 27 best online Proofreading job sites for the proofreaders.

These are:

  • Fiverr
  • Upwork
  • Proofreading Services
  • Course Hero
  • People Per Hour
  • Global English Editing
  • Edit 911
  • English Trackers
  • Managed Editing
  • Edit 24/7
  • Guru
  • Words R
  • Wordy
  • Lion Bridge
  • Catus communications
  • Proofreading Pal
  • Linkedin
  • Scribe Media
  • Flexjobs
  • Freelancer.com
  • Polished Paper
  • Indeed.com
  • Gramlee
  • Writer Relief
  • EditFast
  • Wordvice
  • Scribendi 


This site is known for the digital services. It offers many jobs to freelancers, including Proofreading, content writing, web-designing, and many more. You need to sign-up to the site and upload your profile displaying your services you can offer to the client. This platform connects freelance proofreaders with a potential client for the services. It is best for beginners in the field of proofreading, writing, designing, etc.


It is the most trusted job site for proofreading and many other skills. It gives equal opportunities to both freelancers and owners of big companies. You can simply upload your profile on the site to connect with the top businesses and entrepreneurs. They will hire you as a proofreader depending on their requirements and your skills. You can receive your payment for your services in the following ways:

  • Fixed payment (monthly or weekly)
  • Hourly rate (standard rate)

Proofreading Services:

It is one of the best sites to search for proofreading and editing jobs. It offers both part-time and full-time jobs to the users. The charges it costs to its users range between $19 to $46 per hour. If you complete the tasks on an urgent basis, you will get extra payment for meeting the deadline. It offers flexible working hours, and you can work from home.

Course Hero:

This site is working to help the students with different subjects. They hire freelance proofreaders, editors, and subject specialists to guide the students. Proofreaders can apply for the job as a tutor to help students to improve their writing skills. You can provide your services 24/7 and get paid accordingly. The working hours are flexible, and you can work from home.

People Per Hour:

This site helps you connect with potential clients and business owners for different services, including proofreading, writing, editing, software development, web designing, etc. They post many jobs for proofreaders and editors daily, which is best, especially for beginners.

Global English Editing:

This site is working to provide professional proofreading and editing services for books and papers. They hire expert freelance proofreaders and writers for academic book writing and editing.

Edit 911:

It is professional proofreading, writing, and editing platform. It requires an English Master’s or Ph.D. degree holder to join them as a team. If your English Language skills are strong enough, you can apply as a proofreader on this job site.

English Trackers:

This site offers jobs to professional academic editors and proofreaders with good on-time monthly payments. They also provide support team services to guide you to land the right job at the right time.

Managed Editing:

It is the best platform for professional proofreaders, writers, editors, and graphic designers. They hire experienced proofreaders and editors to join them to provide freelance services to their clients. The criteria they set for hiring proofreaders is five years of experience in the relevant field.

Edit 24/7:

This site offers job opportunities to proofreaders and editors through a detailed job application procedure. Once you apply successfully, you can wait for the clients to connect with you. The selected candidates have to send their writing samples and resume for review.


It is one of the best platforms for beginners who are searching for online proofreading jobs. It allows freelancers to connect with the top companies and clients to provide their services. Along with proofreading, it offers jobs in editing, writing, and many other fields as well.


Wordy offers the latest proofreading jobs to job seekers. They require proofreaders to have strong English Language, grammar writing skills, and the capability of meeting the deadlines for the projects. If you possess these features, you should apply for the job on this site.

Lion Bridge:

It is a global communication platform that allows proofreaders and editors to join them as a team. It offers many online freelance jobs to its users. It helps you to provide the following services to global audiences:

  • Content creation
  • Transform content to resonate
  • Test content, products, and services in every language and on every device

Cactus Communications:

It is a job board that provides a chance for freelance proofreaders and editors to work with them. It allows applicants to work remotely during flexible working hours. It offers online proofreading jobs in different fields such as medical writing and editing.

Proofreading Pal:

It is a great opportunity for the proofreaders and editors to join this site as an employee. This site offers the services of proofreading and editing to people who are in need. You can join them as a proofreader or editor to earn up to $500 to $3000. Graduate and Postgraduate students of accredited US College can apply as a proofreader on this site.


It is one of the top-rated platforms for finding work-from-home jobs. It allows you to connect with your client as a proofreader, writer, web designer, etc. You need to sign up for the site to apply and get notifications for new jobs.

Scribe Media:

This site offers part-time, full-time, and freelance jobs to the users. You can apply as a proofreader on this site by clicking the option of “careers” to search for freelance job openings. The other way is to sign up for the site to receive freelance job notifications.


It is one of the best job boards to search for a proofreading and editing job. You can simply search for the proofreading job in the search bar of this site, and a list may open in front of you, displaying the job offers. Choose the job offer you are interested in and then apply for it on the spot.


It offers a wide range of jobs to freelancers, including jobs for beginner proofreaders, writers, designers, IT professionals, etc. You can apply for online jobs daily on Freelancer.com. The job offers on this site are equally open for beginners, experienced professionals, and experts.

Polished Paper:

This site is solely working to provide the services of proofreaders and editors. If you are a professional proofreader or editor, you can apply for the job on this site. You need to qualify for a 35-question test to join them as a team.


It is the best platform for proofreaders, writers, editors, and copywriters to provide their services to clients. They offer flexible working hours with a good pay scale. You receive the new edits from your client within 24 hours. This site is best for experienced professionals to find the job of their interest to earn a good amount.


This platform does not charge any fee to search for jobs. It offers a wide range of jobs from many fields to job seekers. You can simply search for the job of your interest through the keywords, such as “Proofreading Jobs,” and it will take you to the job listing where you can apply for it.

Writer Relief:

This platform provides job opportunities to writers, editors, proofreaders, and bloggers. You receive job offers daily and get a chance to apply for the job of your interest. This site helps you get more work opportunities if you are an experienced freelancer.


EditFast offers open job positions to proofreaders, writers, and editors. You have to take a writing test before start working with them. Once you qualify for a test they will hire you and assign you a project. They keep 40% of the total price of the project once it is complete.


It is the best platform for proofreaders, content writers, freelance editors, and translators. The work they want from their employees include:

  • Editing research articles 
  • Dissertations 
  • Thesis 
  • Admission essays

Their criteria for hiring is that you must hold a Graduate Degree in the relevant fields.


This site offers a wide range of freelancing jobs in different fields to the users. Anyone from the world can join them as a team. They are highly professional and entertain professional freelancers only. If you are a native English speaker and have experience in Proofreading, you can apply for the job on this site. It also offers positions for professional editors and writers.

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