25 Sites like Fiverr in 2022 (for Businesses & Freelancers)

Fiverr is one of the most famous platforms in the freelancing world. Fiverr is a website that helps you to get your job as a freelancer. It offers jobs related to digital marketing, writing, translation, audio editing, video editing, etc. This site also provides a simple way to build an impressive portfolio.

Because of its broad and competitive culture and low-cost jobs, corporations and freelancers use Fiverr.

But there are many sites like Fiverr for both freelancers and companies, including more advanced sites that provide more excellent protection, higher efficiency, and more versatility. Which one is right for you is entirely based on your needs.

1. SEOClerks

Sites like fiverr

SEOClerks was established as an SEO service online work market. Since then, the business has grown to include a wide variety of digital marketing, website and mobile app development, article writing, and ebook fiction. 

Depending on the size of the project, costs can vary from one to several hundred dollars. The interface is quick for employers and freelancers to assess. Profiles and job openings include the number of likes obtained from prior purchases.

2. PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour became the largest online job portal in the UK in just a couple of years. Not all freelancers are available to PeoplePerHour. Seekers need to apply an online application to join the community of freelancers. Freelancers may either use fixed rates to sustain their services or check for hourly posts. 

Based on the tighter criteria for job seekers, the businesses prefer using the platform because the available workers appear to be experienced in their fields.

3. Upwork

Upwork is one of the most popular places of work online. It was founded after the merger of Elance and ODesk, two of the largest freelance companies in the past. 

Freelancers can create detailed profiles and set their own hourly prices with links to previous projects. Firms post jobs, pick categories and establish their proposed fixed rates or hourly rates. 

Freelancers then apply for jobs and encourage companies for their suggested bids and experience to select between applicants.

4. Guru

Guru was first set up in 1998 and became one of the oldest sites on the job market. It was developed for technology employees who are searching for short-term contracts but has grown to cover a larger spectrum of categories. It has a wide pool of freelance employees with over two million involved job seekers because of its age. 

As with other worksites, Guru is focused on business resources, such as digital marketing, SEO, blogging, graphic design, and the development of websites and apps. Guru has one of the lowest rates for firms wanting to create new jobs.

5. Freelancer

With over 32 million freelancers Freelancer remains the biggest freelance marketplace. Web creation, graphic design, blogging, and Internet marketing are among the top workgroups. 

When a new position has been posted, employers obtain a list of prospective freelance employees that better fit posting information. 

In addition, the company has obtained a number of other businesses to extend its business. Freelancer acquired the Warrior Forum, the most commonly used marketing forum, in recent years. 

The Freelancer has published more than 15 million jobs. In order to protect freelancers, funds are protected before a project is started and then distributed at the completion of the project.

6. Fiverup

FiverUp was originally developed besides Fiverr as an alternate. Compared to Fiverr, the company promises to charge 20% less. Users set up their work posts and wait for clients to ask for their services. 

As with Fiverr, freelancers are ranked on the number of jobs done. A higher level of earning enables users to post higher-paid work. 

Internet marketing and writing services are the most critical categories of employment. Additional categories such as “fun & bizarre,” including tarot and live chat, are however available. You can also recruit people to play online video games with you.

7. Microworkers

Microworkers link organizations with trained individuals worldwide. Microworkers encourage corporations, and many freelance markets, to build their own job posts. Nevertheless, the site uses templates for common activities to simplify the uploading of new projects. 

There are even more than one million freelancers on the internet. Workers will search the job posts available for the micro-job application. Workers will obtain money through PayPal, money transfers, or Skrill. 

Workers earn reviews that affect their credibility and success rate after completing their jobs. Then businesses may use this information to compare candidates.

8. TaskRabbit

While many of the freelance sites provide digitally distributed business resources, TaskRabbit enables users to post job listings for physical tasks such as home repair and yard work. 

TaskRabbit delivers service on the same day. The work that is shared to the site must be performed on the same day that is helpful for companies or individuals requiring ultimate assistance. 

Users can select from the on-the-job tasks after posting a new job. Users have the choice of recruiting workers who have subjected to thorough background checks, thereby improving service protection.

9. TaskArmy

No work bidding is used by TaskArmy. It operates just like Fiverr, which makes it easier for freelancers to share the services they provide and their costs. 

Companies will browse to find the best match for suitable staff and pick the hours that the project can require. Upon completion of the project, payment is made in foreclosure. 

Freelancers are checked closely before entering the employers’ pool. Each on-site service is manually authorized by TaskArmy personnel, which reduces the number of unskilled employees at the site.

10. Coding Ninjas

CodingNinjas is an on-demand website to employ freelance developers. Before contractors start communicating with customers, they all need to undergo a five-step assessment protocol. Their method of vetting comprises: 

  • Check the background 
  • Listings in coding 
  • Test of Proficiency in English 
  • Project in real-life testing 
  • Live interview

All tests are completed by just 4 out of 100 candidates on average. 

Another significant advantage for customers is that 1 applicant per vacancy is offered. In other words, you would not have to review hundreds of profiles or interview multiple people — it is something CodingNinjas already took care of. 

The applicant has yet to be approved or refused, but the website claims that its match is so accurate that more than 90% of customers are fully pleased with their first candidate. 

A developer is allocated to most short-term projects within the first 6 hours. CodingNinjas aims to match you to freelancers in 48 hours or less for full-time jobs.

11. Airtasker

Airtasker is a trustworthy community network that links people that need outsourcing and local resources, with people who want to earn money and are willing to work. 

Airtasker will help you finish your home maintenance, handy jobs, managerial work, photography, graphic design or even develop a website, from easy to complicated tasks.

12. Freeeup

FreeeUp was founded by two former e-Commerce entrepreneurs, Nathan Hirsch and Connor Gillivan, in 2015. 

During their initial scaling, they hired online and created a turnover for years, long waiting for recruiting, and repeatedly weak customer service. 

Finally, they wanted to make recruiting online a smoother and more reliable way. 

FreeeUp is a freelance market platform for e-Commerce and digital media interactive assistants, freelancers and agencies.

FreeeUp interviews and vets thousands of freelancers each week and only allows the top 1 percent into the platform. Clients will sign up and apply jobs for free then get matched to eligible candidates within as quickly as 1 business day. 

FreeeUp takes their customer service very seriously and provides a good experience for all of its customers, freelancers and organizations. 

They offer a no turnover guarantee…in the rare case that a freelancer quits, FreeeUp will replace them immediately for the business and cover any applicable replacement costs.

In addition, they offer freelancers and customers 24/7 support, to simplify the hiring and freelance experience as compared to other platforms.

13. 99Designs

99designs is the biggest graphic design marketplace in the world. If clients need custom logos and websites, they can use this platform. 

Freelance graphic designers on average apply their own individual design every seven seconds. The platform jointly generates around 900,000 dollars per month, according to its website, with an output of at least 12 million dollars. 

You should render submission to a multitude of graphic designers anytime you need personalized designs. Each designer competes and makes the one you want, and depending on its appearance and needs, you pick the one you want.

You pay for the job, not pay first and then receive an item, when you pick the design that you want. You can also look for a designer and employ them depending on how other clients reviewed them.

14. Toptal

Toptal is a digital marketplace, where top-level freelancers who are interested in software development, graphic design, finance, project management, and product management can be hired. 

Each freelancer undergoes a rigorous screening procedure to check that professional work in its region is available to them. 

The organization delivers freelance consultants with a schedule that is hourly, full-time or part-time, according to the sort you want them to work. 

The platform follows a structured hiring process to determine freelancers from the top 3% of all candidates involved in working with Toptal if you hire a freelance to do any of your jobs.

It is ideally suited so that the freelancer that you employ offers an outstanding quality product/service.

15. Outsourcely

Outsourcely was founded in 2014 as a digital platform. It enables consumers to approach freelancers directly. 

Customers provide freelancers with remote work in accordance with the customer guidelines and can be on a full-time or part-time basis. 

Instead of making multiple freelancers competing by delivering finished items you could pick a remote worker you might like. 

At least 250,000 freelancers in various fields, such as graphic design, development of applications, blogging, editing, management, marketing, business and customer support, are used by Outsourcely worldwide.

Outsourcely serves its customers with packages for personal, business and professional services. It has its own characteristics and costs. 

You will be able to connect in real time to remote workers you employ to create a schedule to track the recruited freelancer for how many hours it operates.

16. Truelancer

Truelancer is an online group of freelancers and customers collaborating on projects together. 

You could upload a software development project application, a graphic design application, creative methods, blogging, publishing, SEO experience, marketing, development for smartphone applications, and data entry. The network is used by over 1,000,000 self-employed people from India, the USA, the United Kingdom, the Philippines, Bangladesh and Pakistan. 

Customers can post and view deals from professional freelancers. All freelancers may be compared and interviewed.

You can grant the project to the applicant once you are satisfied with a candidate. Then the freelancer works and submits the job after completed. During the project, you can communicate and share files with them. You release your payment if you accept the service.

17. Workhoppers

This freelance platform offers professional work from remote workers. Workhoppers provides freelancers who can work on different schedules, such as temporary, part-time, or on a one-time basis.

You can post a job request on the platform and have local professionals view it. Workhoppers has an algorithm that effectively chooses the proper freelancers who are suited for the job, and you can view their profiles.

After reviewing all the candidates, you can hire one and pay them either every hour or once according to your project type.

The algorithm decides what freelancers are suited to your job request based on their skills, location, schedule, language abilities, work habits, education and experience.

You can find freelancers who work in business, financing, technology, media, marketing, writing, translation, health, support and volunteer work.

Additionally, you can review profiles for prior projects that the remote workers have worked on. After you hire workers, you can directly message them and negotiate terms for projects and working conditions.

18. Codeable

Unlike the previous freelance websites, Codeable is a WordPress platform that is full of experts on WordPress.

You can request work in WordPress design, security, performance, plugin development, themes, e-commerce development, custom development, custom integration, troubleshooting and maintenance.

The platform has hundreds of international WordPress experts with at least six years of professional experience, and about 96% of clients claim to return to Codeable with more projects.

Codeable conducts a background check of every WordPress applicant with checks for English, freelancing experience, technical knowledge, technical ability and communication.

After passing the check and the Codeable Academy Exam, they can see available projects if they are suited for them. You can review profiles, hire a worker and pay in advance.

19. Gun.io

Gun.io is a software development platform that is located in Nashville, Tennessee. Through it, companies can hire freelance software developers for their short-term projects without the need for a full-time engineering team.

You can hire freelancers and assign them projects for web applications, mobile applications, APIs, data and payment processing, trading algorithms and embedded systems. The platform is cost-effective and allows its clients to be financially flexible.

20. Solidgigs

Solidgigs is a freelance website for beginners that includes a variety of jobs like a guest blogger, media consultant, salesforce administrator, etc. It provides you quick access to interviews without any hassle. 

This site includes downloadable scripts, tools, templates, and spreadsheets. It helps you find your job with minimal effort.

21. Servicescape

Servicescape is a freelance job website that works with startups and SMBs. This website offers jobs for editors, translators, graphic designers, writers, etc. You can interact with clients in numerous ways by sending a message, making a phone call, etc.

22. Hubstaff Talent

Hubstaff Talent is another replacement for the Fiverr. This platform enables people to work full time, based on an hourly contract and fixed price. You can find a job as a networking and infrastructure manager, helpdesk manager, receptionist, account executive, product marketing, etc.

You can just fill out your details, skills, and your availability, and you will be notified via email whenever someone likes your service.

23. CloudPeeps

CloudPeeps web portal that focuses on general freelancing work related to marketing, copywriting, social media, email marketing, etc. It is similar to Fiverr. It has more than a thousand professionals who are working as a freelancer. This site allows you to work remotely.

24. Flexjobs

Flexjobs is a portal that helps you find freelance jobs, flexible schedule jobs, and more. Once you sign-up for this website, you can get unlimited access to a job. It has an easy and quick profile-making process that enables you to be found by employers. Flexjobs website gives an email alert when an employer posts a new job.

25. Zeerk

Zeerk website offers numerous categories like website reviews, writing, posting article or blog, data entry, sales promotions, etc. Once the seller approved your task, you can apply for the withdrawal request. It contains a built-in transaction and conversation management system to provide feedback to the employer.

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