Best Books For An Online Business

The Lean Startup

Eric Ries, the author of this book, is a famous entrepreneur and the creator of the blog titled “Startup Lessons Learned”. He is the co-cofounder of IMVU and also worked as CTO. He also faced various startup failures in his way.

Eric Ries presents entrepreneurs in The Lean Startup—in companies of different sizes— as a sample to instantly gauge their vision and alter and organise it before it is quite late. The Startup manner nurtures companies that produce more capital and exploits human creativity effectively and efficiently. It depends on validated learning, empirical and scientific observations, and several non-intuitive activities that reduce the product development cycle, check the real progress and learn what type of customers they need. It facilitates a company in shifting directions with nimbleness.

The author offers you the wisdom, knowledge, motivation, and fortitude that aid you in starting well. He wants business people to think creatively, innovatively and differently.

The Art of the Start” by Guy Kawasaki

This is one of the most well-known books on business. There are so many tricks given in the book, which were written in 2004, are still applicable a decade later today. In the latest version, the author Guy Kawasaki has introduced us to The Art of the Start 2.0. The book focuses on entrepreneurship, paving your way for success, commencing an online business, and hammering ideas and logic into business people’s minds. The book has plenty to extend for inciting the entrepreneur in your mind.

The author chisels through the process and emanates what is requisite for shifting an idea into a daring undertaking. Guy Kawasaki, who had been a gospel singer for Apple in the 1980s, used his experience of knowledge of the industry in writing The Art of the Start. He offers extremely important lessons for new novices in business. He confesses that once owing to the power of the internet, once runic business lessons are now in question. The book incorporates the author’s hard-eared ideas and advice for various topics ranging from marketing to crowdfunding. Above all, the author emphasises over the readers to believe that “entrepreneur is a state of mind, not a job title”.

Will it Fly?: How to Know If Your New Business Idea Has Wings…Before You Take the Leap

Thomas K. Mcknight has supervised more than 200 business firms, facilitating entrepreneurs set up organisational frameworks, device development technologies and innovative property conception, and evaluating effective returns. He has 29 years of experience as a CEO, VP, chairman, and consultant in both small and large business launches.

This book, authored by Thomas K. Mcknight, offers the framework and directions to shape your notions into a practicable business undertaking. Will, it Fly makes you think of your business seriously and effectively and enables you to execute it well in the market. The book is well-detailed and evaluates a concept stepwise. It contains every feature of entrepreneurial triumph: strategy, competition among products, management, pricing, financial operations and even way-out strategies. It is an excellent and intuitive book to facilitate and assess business ideas.

The book encompasses 44 instrumental facets of success, imbibing experience from over 200 business firms. Itunes and polishes your ideas, gives covers to you and your investors and customers, evenly assess various options and raises your chances of success.

‘Think Big, Act Bigger: The Rewards of Being Relentless,’ by Jeffrey W. Hayzlett

Jeffrey W. Hayzlett is a world-renowned celebrity, author, speaker, editor, and host on Bloomberg TV. He is the executive of an international consulting company named The Hayzlett Group. He helps business people convert their plans and ideas into practice. 

Think Big Act Bigger goes beyond the justifications and pretences and motivates the readers to act and trounce all the barriers in their way. The book reveals the process of taking big decisions and actions, which produce fruitful results. It also clarifies that there is no shortcut to success but hard work and actions.

Based on Jeffrey’s own experiences, he chalks out a practicable plan for educating us on how to design a brand on our own and adhere to our intentions with action for achieving success. The book is a practical investment in oneself and more effective for one’s business. It is bold, straightforward, brave, and slightly irrational.

Lean In

Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg is more inclined toward business women than entrepreneurs in general. Most of her recommendations are for women who hope to start a new business and succeed. The book gives insights into many tasks, problems, and solutions for any woman to start a new online business. The book can also be used by males who want to understand the female employees in an enclosed environment. 

The chief operation officer writes this book for Facebook. The book examines the woman’s behaviour and her workspace in detail. She identifies the issues of women and then encourages women to get into leadership roles. She explains why women stay away and step back instead of coming to the front and starting a business. The author shares many of her experiences and then insists on men supporting women in the workplace.

Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion

Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, by Robert Cialdini, focuses on psychology’s role in any business, especially online business. The book helps people understand how to reach and gain customers. The book teaches different ways to manage the workplace in a better way. There are several ways to act actively and help others in your company reach your desired goal.

This book is amazing as it identifies the ways people are persuaded. These natural tendencies of human nature can help any starter become more persuasive and help you remain on track and not mislead in any business dealings.

Tools of Titans

Tools of Titans, by Tim Ferriss, shares the habits of 101 people who are performing so well in the industry. Such people are taken from different fields like entrepreneurs, investors, entertainers and advisors. The book suggests that if you accept and apply the habits of successful people, you can also be easily successful in your life. The book is inspirational for those who want to start an online business but are unsure about anything, especially their routine and habits. The book contains many advice, suggestions and motivation for new entrepreneurs. 

The Psychology of Selling

The Psychology of Selling by Brian Tracy is a beautiful book for young entrepreneurs. The author of this book is a sales trainer and a speaker who has worked with over 500 companies. He says that selling is very boring and frustrating work. Selling a job comes with a lot of rejections that can lead to ultimate depression. Therefore, the author states the psychology behind buying and selling products. He advises people to believe in themselves and boost their self-image before entering sales. The author shares different tips and tricks in this book to win the sales cycle. 

Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind

Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind by Al Ries and Jack Trout is one of its own kind. It deals with position creation in a customer’s mind that should positively reflect the strengths and weaknesses of the company. The book’s writers help the readers make and position a leader so the company’s message can be heard by everyone around. Moreover, a lot of bits of advice are offered by authors, which include that:

  • Do not put on a second product over the best-selling products.
  • Use techniques to attract the customers
  • Build strategies
  • Work where the weakness of your competitor lies
  • Use your present position and use it to your advantage
  • Determine your pace and work accordingly
  • Analyse the latest trends that can affect your positioning in any way.

The authors provide a comprehensive view of successful entrepreneurs’ best and worst moves in their work. They relate all those examples and then provide solutions to them as well. 

Deep Work

Deep Work, by Cal Newport, helps a reader develop a deep focus on cognitive skills. The book covers many real-life examples and experiences that are quoted with actionable ideas to be implemented easily. People get distracted very easily. It stays harder to stay productive, attentive and focused. There are several mediums for distraction.

Deep work talks about the ability to focus and work attentively. This book is a must-read for you to develop focus and regain your energy and strength to turn distractions into focus and complete your tasks in time. 

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