Best Books to Learn Paid Advertising

Social Media Marketing 2019 BY Robert Miller

A company’s social media management is really important to be handled by experts, but if you want to delve into this field yourself, this book will help you a lot. Paid advertising is like a goldmine where you can get huge profits by working in the right direction. Then, this book is a must-read for you. This book will help you become an influencer on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram to promote your brand. This book covers the breakdown of the current state of social media marketing for a beginner to understand it well.

The best feature of this book is that it covers paid and free marketing tips, techniques and strategies. It lists the basic tools needed to run your advertising campaign. In this book, the reader finds specialised advice from the writer to stay on track and choose the right platform for advertising. Moreover, this book also includes the common mistakes made by advertisers and their solutions. 

Win Paid Advertising: The Unconventional Marketer by Jason A. Burlin 

Getting your ad to stand out is an art, and you can master this art with Jason A. Burlin. The writer of this book is well known as an unconventional marketer who used his twelve years of experience to write a book which teaches the basics of paid advertising in the 21st century. This book teaches its readers on a conceptual level to run advertising campaigns using any advertising platform. Jason claims that a reader of this book can win paid advertising for his business easily. 

The book opens up with the fundamentals of advertising. Afterwards, several examples from his own experience can help a reader in paid advertising. The book ends with recommendations and suggestions on paid advertising, starting and ending points and the key points to remember throughout the process of advertising. 

The Old Rules of Marketing are Dead by Timothy R. Pearson

The new and latest technologies have completely transformed the ways that humans have perceived business and business trends. The writer of this book, Timothy, a renowned marketing expert, encourages people to learn the latest marketing trends and delve into them for profit. Business owners need to get out of the mindset that marketing is an art. More than an art, it is a science, and it can be learnt with passion and practice. This book suggests the readers to:

  •  Considering marketing as a business partner
  • Holding marketing entirely accountable for results by applying the hard data
  • Providing leadership within your company
  • Embracing technology
  • Reinventing your products, services and business  

Google AdWords for Beginners: A Do-It-Yourself Guide to PPC Advertising by Corey Rabazinski

Google AdWords expert Corey Rabazinski talks in detail about AdWords in this book. He explains AdWords from every dimension and shares his proven techniques to make the most out of it with the readers. This book provides an eight-step blueprint which has been helping a lot of companies to get positive results. This book helps a reader run profitable campaigns and improve the current advertising.

This book is specifically designed to teach the fundamentals of Adwords to beginners and encourage them to get into this field to get maximum profits in their business. The book is filled with ways and techniques used for increasing traffic and sales by using Google AdWords. If AdWords is correctly used, it can increase traffic, resulting in great profits and success. 

The Secret Power of Paid Advertising by Donald Nova

If you are looking for a detailed and precise book on paid advertising in simple words, then this book is the best option for you to choose. Paid social media advertising offers incredible advantages to businesses in very less time. The writer encourages the readers to go for paid advertising to succeed in their business. In the 21st century, it is nearly impossible to get lots of profit without paid advertising. Paid advertising is one of the most robust ways to enhance your business. This book teaches:

  • Value of paid advertising
  • Different paid advertising methods
  • Managing paid ads
  • Copywriting for paid ads
  • Attracting more audiences using paid advertising
  • Benefits of hashtags
  • Setting a budget for paid advertising

Paid Attention: Innovative Advertising for a Digital World by Faris Yakob

This book “Paid Attention” paves the way for new and trendy paid marketing options. The writer delves into the basics and explains everything related to paid advertising, from working to solving different problems. This book includes real examples of different famous brands like Sony, Red Bull, Hp etc. Paid advertising is one of the eBay ways to attract customers because the human mind behaves in such a way. This book includes practical advertising templates and the latest planning toolkit to help readers understand and implement paid advertising in their business. This book discovers:

  • Ideas that move people
  • A critical look at the market 
  • Latest theories of communication 
  • Differences between media, content and advertising
  • Problems in paid advertising
  • Solutions to the problems

Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords by Perry Marshall

This book by Perry Marshall covers all the basics of paid advertising, including Google Ads, Product listening, enhanced campaigns, bidding etc. the latest versions of the book come with different advertising platforms and provide solutions for advertising problems. The writer provides readers with the current information in terms of the latest market trends with specific pictures. This handbook helps a reader know about paid advertising from all angles. This book covers explicitly:

  • Bidding strategies
  • Ad extension features
  • Automation capabilities 
  • Registering a domain name
  • Designing a website
  • Selecting email service for your business
  • Finalising shopping cart service
  • Finding the products to sell
  • Starting a GoogleAd account for your business

The Idea Writers by Teressa Iezzi

This book is one of its own kind. This book explains one of the most important aspects of paid advertising: “Copywriting”. Every business needs to know the importance of copywriting and attracting people with playful words. This book is best for beginners and advanced copywriters to create compelling messages that turn people into customers. 

According to Lezzi, the best copywriters are the best storytellers too. The art of advertising is not one-sided communication but a two-way path of engaging the audience with ongoing conversation. This book gives a new dimension to copywriting skills and tells different ways to polish advertising campaigns. 

Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Marketing by David Szetela

If you are looking for a hands-on book that can guide you step by step in the world of paid advertising, then you are at the right stop now. This book is a hands-on and task-based guide for people to win through paid advertising. The instructions given in this book are so vivid that a beginner can easily run a successful advertising campaign using these suggestions. This book is beneficial, and it teaches:

  • Avoiding pitfalls in advertising
  • Planning and developing an advertising campaign
  • Monitoring the advertising campaign to get fruitful results
  • Breaking down the advertising campaign into small manageable tasks
  • Explanation of PPC concepts in detail
  • Writing ads
  • Bidding for position
  • Monitoring and gathering results
  • Change in plans after seeing results

The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing by Al Ries and Jack Trout

Al Ries and Jack Trout are world-renowned marketing consultants. There are some set rules for each business and field in this world. It is impossible to set things on the right track without following the rules. Likewise, laws of marketing should be followed to maintain your brand and win the clients. The writers give twenty-two ways to understand and succeed in the marketing world in this book. This book provides a clear path for the readers to follow to achieve in their business using paid advertising. This book covers 22 laws that are:

  • The law of category
  • The law of mind
  • The law of perception
  • The law of focus
  • The law of exclusivity 
  • The law of ladder
  • The law of duality
  • The law of the opposite
  • The law of division
  • The law of perspective
  • The law of the line extension
  • The law of sacrifice
  • The law of attributes
  • The law of candor
  • The law of singularity
  • The law of unpredictability 
  • The law of success
  • The law of failure 
  • The law of hype
  • The law of acceleration 
  • The law of resources 

The Blessings of Paid Advertising by Lasun Joshua George

This book is one of the first-rate books in the field of paid advertising. This book by Joshua George is filled with proven hacks and techniques to outshine your marketing. This book helps you discover the secrets of marketing huge returns on advertising. This book will help you to understand the knowledge of:

  • Industry tricks for increasing revenue
  • High return on a tight budget
  • Getting profitable website traffic
  • Spend less and get more
  • Finding quality PPC venues
  • Quality forums that accept Ads
  • Finding newsletter advertising opportunities
  • Securing CPA advertising opportunity
  • Securing CPM advertising opportunity

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