Freelance Jobs for beginners

freelance jobs for beginners

Want to start freelancing, but don’t know how?

Don’t worry, we are here to help you out with a list of freelance jobs for you to start now!

You will be able to earn more than US$500 a month following these freelance job ideas with some dedication, skills and hard work. These jobs can be done at home, full or part-time. It’s up to you.

We have come up with these freelance job ideas after doing a small research on popular freelancing marketplaces, including Fiverr, UpWork, Envato Studio, and People Per Hour. There were plenty of job postings and freelance professionals following these job skills on the marketplaces to guarantee that these job ideas work.

You can have a look at our picks and choose any of them according to your skills.


If you’ve got writing skills, (be it creative writing or technical writing) you are probably going to be highly in demand in the freelance world!

  • Article Writer 

Write articles for online magazines, news publishers, business journals, etc.

Write for company blogs or be a blogger for hire. Keep in mind, writing for blogs requires different skills than writing for magazines and eBooks.

  • eBook Writer 

Write tutorials, guides, and strategies that get published as eBooks.

  • Fiction Writer

Write short stories, poems or even novels for other authors. I do this all the time and make around $800 – $2,000 per job (depends on the content and length).

  • Web Content Writer

Write content for websites (eg: about pages, Privacy and terms of service pages, etc).

  • Copywriter

If you’re an expert in online marketing, you can be a writer for brands to come up with great content for their online and print promotional campaigns.

  • Writing Translator

Translate text and documents in different languages.

  • Press Release Writer

Write professional and straight-to-the-point news articles for media outlets.

Write articles and blogs on behalf of other brands or people.

  • Legal Writer

Write letters and documents to be used by lawyers, judges and others in law.

  • Resume & Cover Letter Writer

Not everyone knows how to write a winning resume or a cover letter. Help those people land a job.

  • Product Description Writer

Write killer descriptions for products and services, works for both online and print.

  • Transcription Writer

Listen to audio files and convert speech to text. Or, write transcripts to be used on audio recordings, such as jingles and audio commercials.

  • Technical Writer

Write product manuals, documentations, technical guides, etc.

  • Guest Writer

If you have a blog or have the permission to publish on popular blogs, you can take jobs from brands and services to write about their products.

  • Academic Writing

Help struggling students to write their academic papers and college essays.

Proofreading and Editing:

If you have the irresistible urge to correct the work that others have done, then this is for you. Monetize your attention to detail by proofreading drafts of books, articles, assignments, and even resumes.

Graphic Designing

Almost any business worth its salt has a good graphic designer on hand, be it for their internal publications or their social media pages. 

Due to the fact that it may be too expensive to have an in-house graphic designer, freelance jobs for graphic designers are consistently in demand. 

  • Logo Designer

If you’ve got creative skills and knowledge in using Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw, this is a job that can make you easy money.

  • Photoshop Editor

Edit, resize, fix, convert, and optimize images with Photoshop for other people.

  • Website Mockup Designer

Photoshop is widely used for designing website mockups. It’s a high-paying job if you have the required skills.

  • Photo Editor

Help people enhance their ordinary portraits, change backgrounds, and bring them those photos to a professional level.

  • Photo Retouching

Retouching and adding makeup through Photoshop is one of the highest paid jobs on Fiverr.

  • Graphic/Poster Designer

Design digital and print posters, Facebook covers, and other types of graphics.

  • Icon Design

Design unique icons for brands and businesses to be used with websites and print.

  • Book Cover Designer

Create book covers for digital and print books.

  • T-Shirt Designer

Know how to design branded T-Shirts? Then this job is for you.

  • Infographic Designer

Infographic design is a high-demand job that pays $400 – $1,000 per design and sometimes even more.

  • CAD Designer

Draft designs related to architecture and structural engineering fields.

  • Vector Designer

Design graphics and content in vector format to be used in the print industry.

  • Cartoon Artist

Design comics and cartoons for brands and magazines.

  • Banner/Ad Designer

Design digital and print ads such as billboards, cutouts, and website banners.

  • Digital Artist

Draw portraits, landscapes, and beautiful artworks using digital software.

  • Vector Illustrator

Draw illustrations and art as an artist to be used on websites.

  • Print Designer

Design brochures, leaflets, business cards, etc.

  • Concept Artist

Video game and animation is a booming industry. Use your skills to help those developers come up with great concepts for their creative work.

Web Development:

Other than designing a website, you can also help a business set up its online presence, their e-commerce platform, or set up their cloud for ease of access to their data from wherever they are.

  • Front-End Designer

Front-end design is where the look and feel of the website take place.

  • Back-End Developer

Back-end developer is the guy who’s in charge of developing the algorithms for the core of a website or web app.

  • UX / UI Designer

Teach front-end developers how to design websites and interfaces that improve the user experience.

  • Plugin Developer

Develop plugins for websites and WordPress.

  • WordPress Expert

Help people set up their WordPress websites and blogs.

  • Bug Fixing

Help people figure out what’s wrong with their websites and apps.

  • Server Administrator

Take charge of server side tasks, such as configuring apps and implementing proper security.

  • Website Builder

Offer domain name, hosting, and website building services to businesses.

App Development:

  • App UI Designer

Design user interfaces for mobile apps.

  • App Developer

Develop the backend of mobile apps.

  • Game Developer

Team up with game developers to create great Android and iOS games.

Online Teaching:

The possibilities here are endless. Online teaching jobs, especially for beginner freelance teachers, are available for a variety of different subjects but English seems to be the most popular.

Sites such as Cambly and Preply will pay you handsomely just to converse with students online in English. 

Video Production:

  • Intro Videos

Create introduction videos for businesses and products.

  • Explainer Videos

Create cool videos that explain a product, like that Dropbox video.

  • Stop-Motion Videos

Create awesome animations using the stop-motion technique.

  • Video Animator

Create animated video segments for YouTubers and businesses.

  • Social Media Video Creator

Create promotional videos for promoting brands on social media platforms.

  • YouTube Video Editor

Help YouTubers edit and improve their videos.

Virtual Assistant:

You can put your organizational and administrative skills to work by providing support and secretarial services to a company or even to an individual from wherever you are located. 

This means that you don’t even need to be in the same country as them!


  • Explainer Video Animation

Create characters and animations to use as explainer videos.

  • 3D Model Designer

Design 3D models for various purposes (furniture, vehicles, etc).


  • Lead Generator

Help businesses increase leads and grow sales through software such as Magento and Zendesk.

  • Presentation Designer

Design and craft content for PowerPoint presentations for various purposes.

  • Online Advertising Expert

Help brands run successful ad campaigns online (AdWords, Facebook Ads, etc).

  • Social Media Editor

Craft content, graphics, and posts optimized for social networks.

  • Email Designer

Design killer emails, email templates, and email designs that get more clicks.

  • Email Outreach

Help brands reach out to other businesses, blogs, and publications via email.

  • Traffic Generation

Show people how to generate traffic for their websites.

  • Write Product Reviews

Be a critique for hire and offer to write product reviews for businesses.

  • Keyword Research

Help people research all kinds of online keywords related to their industry.

  • PR Submission

If you know how to contact popular blogs and publications, offer it as a service to promote special product announcements (eg: latest smartphone releases, app releases, movie releases, etc).

  • Market Research

Help businesses analyze and research the market to learn about their target audience.

  • Branding Services

Create catchy taglines, slogans, and brand names for new companies.

  • Outdoor Advertising

Get in touch with companies to offer to promote them on billboards, spin-boards, etc.

  • Content Strategist

Create content strategies and plans for promoting businesses and brands.

  • Content Marketer

Market branded content developed by brands and businesses.

Freelance Job Sites

We have gathered some websites for you to start as a beginner in the freelancing world.

Depending on your niche and skills, you can choose the best freelance job websites from the list below.


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is fiverr-screenshot-1024x489.png

Are you new to freelancing? Fiverr can be a good start! You can even win your first $5 job. Offer any freelance service at a minimum rate of $5 or more and make a side income. Fiverr has become the top-most visited site in terms of freelance jobs online for beginners. Even if you’re a newbie, create a profile on fiverr.

This freelance job website allows you to make a hundred dollars a day with the right offer.

2. DesignContest

Professional designer marketplace DesignContest is designed to help artists, businesses, and organizations create design contests as a means to gather designs to reflect their brands. It’s a place where designers from all over the world can submit their work for buyers to choose from.

With the service, you can easily market your designs to notable clients while joining the ranks of highly-talented professionals who use the platform. It is highly recommended for freelance designers, provide them with a conducive work environment where collaboration is promoted.


Easily find part-time professional freelance, part-time and remote jobs at Flexjobs. More than 50 job categories are available for job seekers. On FlexJobs, you get guaranteed and legitimate jobs. This is the most quality job board and a subscription site where you get notified for the latest best-paying jobs.

Flexjobs is the place for finding legitimate jobs in more than 50 categories. When you enroll, you will find relevant jobs in the category you wish to apply. Find part-time, and freelance jobs depending on your own requirements.

Flexjobs is the popular job board for only legitimate jobs that pay high rates to freelancers.

When you become a member of Flexjobs, you get access to 33,000 current and legitimate flexible jobs from over 52,000 pre-vetted companies in over 55 different job categories.

Their listings are updated every day with new jobs and Flexjobs team makes sure that their new members only see fresh and scam-free job ads.

4. Upwork

Upwork is one of the popular freelance websites, with over more than 1.5 million clients. It offers a range of jobs from hourly to fixed projects, short-long term projects, and even entry-level to expert-level tasks. Whatever is your expertise, showcase it on Upwork. There’s always something for you. The portal charges 20% charges for every gig. Due to thousands of jobs every day, there’s a chance for you. But, you’ve to make your profile authentic and credible.

5. PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour became the largest online job portal in the UK in just a couple of years. Not all freelancers are available to PeoplePerHour. Seekers need to apply an online application to join the community of freelancers. Freelancers may either use fixed rates to sustain their services or check for hourly posts. 

Based on the tighter criteria for job seekers, the businesses prefer using the platform because the available workers appear to be experienced in their fields.

6. Freelancer

With over 32 million freelancers Freelancer remains the biggest freelance marketplace. Web creation, graphic design, blogging, and Internet marketing are among the top workgroups. 

When a new position has been posted, employers obtain a list of prospective freelance employees that better fit posting information. 

In addition, the company has obtained a number of other businesses to extend its business. Freelancer acquired the Warrior Forum, the most commonly used marketing forum, in recent years. 

The Freelancer has published more than 15 million jobs. In order to protect freelancers, funds are protected before a project is started and then distributed at the completion of the project.

7.Envato Studio

Freelancing website Envato Studio is built to promote collaboration among creatives, developers and designers, and experts who are working on jobs. Freelancers can use the solution to offer a wide array of services, from app development to animation to website design. You can work on just about any project there is, all you have to do is have the right skill set, and the system does the rest. You can pick clients of your choice, be they small firms or large enterprises, Envato Studio will aid you on your hunt for a freelance job.

8. Toptal

If you are a finance expert, designer, or software developer who is a top performer in your field and is very fluent in the English language, then Toptal is the freelance platform you are looking for. This service helps freelance professionals connect with businesses looking for top talent. Whether you need a part-time, full-time, or hourly rate jobs, Toptal can get it for you. It is ideal if you are a highly skilled freelancer who is used to working in critical projects.

9. Guru

Guru is a freelance platform that offers professionals a hassle-free way of finding jobs and projects by effectively linking skilled individuals and companies all over the world. It allows for region-specific job posting while accepting a vast selection of job categories. You also get to easily communicate with employers as the solution comes with a powerful dashboard that facilitates such. It is also able to streamline all project management tasks so that businesses can better handle projects. These tasks include document sharing and crafting payment deals.

10. 99Designs

This freelance website aims to focus on designer jobs – everything from logos to book covers. It also allows clients to start a contest that everyone in 99Designs can participate in.

At zero cost, you’ll get a platform to showcase your work and improve your creative knowledge with its up-to-date articles.

11. Writer Access

If you want to become a freelance writer, Writer Access is the best platform. It covers all kinds of writing jobs, including online articles, case studies, tech papers, etc.

This freelance website has many tools such as content analytics, keyword optimization, and content planner to get more work done efficiently.

12. TaskRabbit

Not all freelancing jobs are digital. TaskRabbit is a freelance website that focuses on house work.

Be it furniture assembling, moving and packing, plumbing, or anything else – you can find it on TaskRabbit.

13. Skyword

Loads of content marketing vacancies can be easily found at Skyword. You can register to work as a freelance content strategist, editorial manager, and so on.

Furthermore, it doesn’t just serve US or English-only companies because Skyword has been trusted by clients from 27 countries with 13 languages support.

14. Crowded

Crowded boasts it’s AI-powered recruitment process that will find the most suitable applicants for companies. This freelance website will rank everyone based on their price, experience, and skills.

The feature is also great for workers so that they don’t have to manually apply to each job opening. Just let the algorithm do the work and then wait for the call from the employer.

15. SolidGigs

Solidgigs is a freelance website for beginners that includes a variety of jobs like a guest blogger, media consultant, salesforce administrator, etc. It provides you quick access to interviews without any hassle. 

This site includes downloadable scripts, tools, templates, and spreadsheets. It helps you to find your job with minimal effort.

16. is a place for professional freelancers. It has a selection process for both companies looking for freelancers and developers who are applying for the job. Once you are scrutinized, the team at will match your skills with your employer’s job. It ensures the enduring relationship between employees and employers.

17. Truelancer

Truelancer is a platform for freelancers and employers to work together for a freelance job. It offers freelance jobs online for beginners, work from home jobs, virtual assistance jobs, marketing trainer, and more. You can easily earn money by doing jobs on Truelancer. You can access it from a browser, Android, and iPhone device.

18. Zeerk

Zeerk website offers numerous categories like website reviews, writing, posting articles or blog, data entry, sales promotions, etc. Once the seller approves your task, you can apply for the withdrawal request. It contains a built-in transaction and conversation management system to provide feedback to the employer.

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