Top 21 Domain Name Generators in 2022

What is a Domain name?

Domain Name refers to the business title you choose for marketing your brand, blog, or company. The best domain name is the one that reflects your brand’s qualities and features. You should pick up unique and catchy domain names.

Are you looking for a catchy Domain?

While searching for the domain name ideas, you must ensure that you are using it for the first time and no other brand owns that before you. To be on the safer side, you better use a tool for generating the name of your domain. Many online tools are working for this purpose to help you out.

If you are thinking to pick from thousands of domains to start your business, don’t worry; here we are sharing the best domain name generators to make your task easier:

Bust a Name:

Bust a Name offers filtering tools to help you get better results depending on your search keywords. 


  • It offers suggestions for similar keywords.
  • It helps you to save domains for review.
  • It allows the sorting of domains alphabetically, quality-wise, and length-wise.

Lean Domain Search:

Lean Domain Search is one of the most reliable search tools for a domain name. this name generator tool allows you to search by using a single keyword, and it will lead you to fresh and relevant ideas for the perfect domain.


  • You can track your search history.
  • It helps you to share your search results with others.
  • It allows you to search alphabetically, by length, or by popularity.
  • It allows you to search for your ideas to check the availability.


NameStall is the best platform for you to search for a name for your business, blogs, company, or brand. The other name for this tool is ‘Business Domain Name Service Provider.’ You can log in through your account for this site to use the search tool if you are a paid member.


  • You can use parts of speech to search for perfect domains.
  • It can also generate three words domains and rhyming domains.
  • It helps you to search for popular keywords.
  • You can search using basic English words.
  • It offers an Industry-specific category search.


Panabee is a domain search tool and a domain generator tool that helps you search for a name by starting with two keywords. You can also search for suggestions for the names. You will get the related terms depending on your search.


  • It helps you to see word suggestions according to your idea.
  • You can search Google Play and Apple to check the availability.
  • You can check availability on the most popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.


Impossibility is a unique domain generator tool that allows you to add a verb, adjective, or noun to the keyword at the beginning or end.


  • It combines your keyword with a carefully selected list of nouns, verbs, and adjectives.
  • Allows you to search for the domain name of your choice.


Dot-o-Mator is the best functional domain name generator that allows you to choose a beginning word from the list and then an ending word from the other list. At last, you can combine both to get the results on the go. You can also type words of your choice. It also offers a mobile app making your job easier.


  • It allows you to choose words from the list.
  • You can also type of your choice to get the results.

Domain Wheel:

Domain Wheel is the best platform for having some good names for your business or brand. It offers you to combine search results with random ideas or rhyming words.


  • It easily picks up related topics by using its good algorithm.
  • It allows you to select the extensions you like to add to the search.
  • You can not check your social media availability easily with this tool.


IsltWP is one of the best platforms to check for domain availability. It allows you to search with few keywords to get a variety of names with various combinations.


  • You can use one or two words in the search box.It helps you to generate a wide range of name ideas.
  • It allows you to refine your search and start a new search. 
  • You can click on show more results to view more ideas.
  • It allows you to select the perfect name from the list, and by clicking on ‘View Details,’ you can register it easily.


Domainr helps you find the perfect name for your business by using this search tool. It offers you to check the real-time availability of names.


It allows you to check the availability of domains with no false positives.

Its API helps you to build brainstorming directly into your product.


Domainnamesoup is a free search tool for name search that is very easy to use. You can export your favorite available domains (for friends or customers) and receive alerts when they need renewing.


  • It helps you to create a domain portfolio.
  • Offers the most accurate results for your search.


Domainhole is a domain name generator tool with seven in-built brainstorming tools. You can easily generate a domain name for your business, blog, brand, or company using the tool’s best features.


  • It allows you to generate random names.
  • You can search more than 10 million expired, dropped, and expiring domains.
  • It helps you to combine important keywords with hundreds of English words.
  • It saves frequently searched filters to reuse.


BatName is the top-rated domain name service working around the globe. It offers you the service of domains to generate the domain name for your business, brand, blog, or company. You can simply type a few words and click on ‘Search’ to get the results.


  • It allows you to work in various combinations.
  • It collaborates with domain services.


Wordoid is one of the world’s best tools to generate names for your startup business or brand. 


  • It invents new words instantly to help you find your domain name.
  • It guides you in the process of naming and suggests the best name.


Name Tumbler is a perfect tool for you to suggest the best names for your ventures.


  • It allows you to enter your search keywords or terms to get the best results.
  • It displays the results that suit your brand within a few seconds.


Naque is a word-mixer tool that allows you to generate a new word by mixing the older one.


  • It creates a new word by combining the old one with it.
  • It allows you to break-down the words.
  • It helps to mix and match the fragments of words.
  • It combines the words to create something unique.


DomainsBot is not just a name search tool but something more than that. It helps you understand your customer base and competitive landscape to approach the best new business opportunities.


  • It analyzes the registered domains.
  • It evaluates customer rates.
  • It offers suggestions across your entire range of gTLDs, nTLDs, and ccTLD.
  • It keeps you updated with complete information on the domain and hosting market.


Domaintyper helps you find all the available names spending on your search. It supports all types of extensions.


  • It ensures a secure Domain Name Search.
  • It supports over 1700 top-level domain extensions.
  • It allows you to check the availability of your new name on multiple social network sites.

Webhosting Geeks:

Webhosting Geeks is one of the best platforms that allow you to go through the screenshots and generate your new business name.


  • It helps you to search available names that are valuable, purposeful, and unique.
  • You can read the reviews and select the best Hosting Provider for your next site by using its unique features.

Want My Name:

Want My Name helps you to search for the available domains for your business. You just need to enter an address you want, and it will search it for you on the go.


  • It checks the availability of the domain name of your choice.
  • It offers you the filters by hiding the unavailable domains.


NameStation allows you to host a contest and crowdsource name suggestions to get automated results. You can also get creative name suggestions from other people. It charges a fee for regular use of the tool.


  • It offers search suggestions and keyword lists.
  • It offers name suggestions from other users.

Name Mesh:

Name Mesh offers suggestion keyword searches for you. You can type two to three keywords to search for better results.


  • It checks the availability of the most common TLDs, including com, net, Org.
  • It helps you check names with some other popular TLDs like it, co, io, mobile, me, ly, etc.
  • It generates domains by mixing in other words and suffixes.

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