Podcasts are growing fast in the marketing world.

Podcast apps are often free, or at least have decent free versions. So, there’s no reason that you can’t try several and see what you think are the best podcast apps for iPhone or Android.

You probably started using Apple Podcasts if you were to listen to podcasts on the iPhone.

At first, it works okay.

But there are plenty of other great alternatives in 2022 for both iOS and Android podcast apps.

Some are only iOS (iPhone & iPad), some are only Android, and others are for the two ecosystems. Many of them have options for exploration, replay settings, various sharing options, sleep timers, etc.

Here are the best listening podcast tools for the consumption of your favorite audio programs, episodes into playlists, and suggestions for new podcasts.

best podcast app


Download: for IOS

Marco Ament’s Overcast combines simple design, clear audio, and podcast management. Overcast expertly handles episode playbacks and downloads, sends notifications of new episodes and, if you want to save some space, you can play offline or by the stream. Voice Boost maintains the optimal voice levels, raises silent voices and lowers the loud ones automatically. Intelligent speed automatically eliminates gaps and silence on the podcast, which speeds up play without audio disturbance.

Over the years, upgrades have been added to the interface, an iOS widget, and an action tray, which facilitates the management of your episodes for the podcasts of your choice.


Download: for IOS

Castro’s main virtue is its simplicity and convenience of use, unlike many of the best Podcast applications. Smart visual design is paired with crystal clear audio. Download episodes in the background. The outcome is a podcatcher with so many dynamic features that are not embroiled.

Castro isn’t all bare bones, since it enables intricate storage control, automated download of episodes, and streaming of the episode. The app is free of cost, but a 19 dollars annual Castro Plus subscription provides specialized functionality such as removing silence to speed up streaming, improving voices so that podcasts can be heard better while listening in noisy conditions, and importing files directly.

Pocket Casts

Download: for IOS and Android

Thanks to features like cross-device and cross-platform sync, episode auto-download, and cleaning, Pocket Casts has long since become one of our preferred mobile podcatchers. However, there was an important obstacle to entry as a paid app. This changed last September when Pocket Casts went totally free to use on mobile phones without losing any functionality.

Pocket Casts not only helps you to make a podcast discovery on the basis of genre and listening preferences, but it also offers organizing resources to stream and archive (and clean-up episodes you have heard) episodes. Settings include timeskips, sleeping timers, and more. A Pocket Casts Plus tier is designed for desktop and web applications, 10 GB cloud storage, and personalized icons, themes.

Google Podcasts

Download: for IOS and Android

With its very own podcast app, Google has got to the podcast game. If you have a Google Home speaker and an Android handset, Google Podcasts is a must-have. And now the newly-designed iPhone app with an iOS update is also available.

On your ride, you will be able to launch a podcast and catch up where you left off when you get home by picking up the podcast on your smart speaker. Other capabilities include adjusting playback speed, collaboration with Google Assistant, and adding podcasts on Google searches. Google would also pledge potential AI features such as automated shut-off captions. A redesign also highlights podcast exploration, with the “Explore tab” providing the Podcasts segment for you that focuses on your interest.


Download: for IOS and Android

Spotify may not be the first thing I can think of when someone mentions podcasts, but the streaming media juggernaut also includes audio and video podcast support, along with a fine Spoken Word section in the application. Spotify took steps in 2019 to increase its podcast presence by purchasing the Podcast producer Gimlet Media and the creation tool Anchor; since that time, it has signed an agreement with Joe Rogan for Spotify to be his popular podcast’s exclusive home.

Spotify organizes podcasts in a wide range of categories like storytellers, sports and recreation, and comedy, where the user can subscribe, manage downloads, and share podcasts via social media. Particularly in comparison to other applications, playback, and management options are limited, but if you are using Spotify already for streaming music and don’t want to drive around for a dedicated podcatcher, give it a shot.


Download: For Android and iOS 

All of us could use a Laugh these days, along with its comedy-focused Podcast app, Laughable promises that. Laughable has the biggest comedian database in the world — you will not only find podcasts they host, but a list of other shows featuring them. (This is not only comedy; the database of Laughable includes athletes, actors and others.) In Laughable you can subscribe to other podcasts and enjoy playback features such as offline listening, adjustable playback speeds and the sleep timer.


Download: for Android and iOS 

  • Price: $4.99/month

Luminary is the Netflix of podcasting with a buffet for all of them, as well as a library of exclusive shows like Fiasco, Hear to Slay and Trevor Noah’s On Second Thought, all of them available for listening to. Subscribers get ad-free access to exclusive Luminary titles, while available users can access the app to listen to a range of free podcasts. And in order to encourage you to subscribe, after having charged $7.99 previously, Luminary has only reduced its monthly fee to $4.99.

Instead, Luminary runs a wide variety of good podcasting features in the app including search and find tools that learn from your listening patterns, playback controls, and offline mode.


Download: for Android and iOS 

Himalaya cuts across the spectrum, with a free podcast player application for listeners and a platform to publish and monetize the podcasts of the creators. The app includes more than 500,000 podcasters and 270,000 podcasts, including over 24 million episodes. Existing audience-based podcasts may import subscriptions from services such as Google Podcasts, Spotify, and TuneIn, or you can search for new podcasts based on your hearing habits, popularity, favorite shows, and additional filters.


Download: for Android and iOS

Podcasting platform CastBox combines a clean and navigable interface, a good selection of podcasts, and powerful podcast audio searching to deliver an excellent mobile podcatcher. Users can sign in with Gmail, Facebook, or Twitter, and then search and subscribe to podcasts, download episodes for offline listening and sync their subscriptions across multiple devices. You can stream podcasts through Chromecast or Amazon Echo, and a premium tier removes subscription limits, allows for homepage customization, and puts you on priority for customer support and new features.


Download: for Android and iOS

RadioPublic is a relative newcomer among the best podcast apps, but it’s dedicated to delivering a fair deal to listeners and creators alike, with a generous ad-supported model that pays creators the more you listen. The app offers hundreds of thousands of different podcasts across a variety of categories, with options for automatic downloads and streaming playback, organization tools and playlists, and audiobook support.


Download: for iOS

  • Price:  $2.99

(Image credit: Jamawkinaw Enterprises) Downcast is a robust online search for podcast subscriptions, auto-downloading and the ability to import and export OMPL podcast feeds help you ensure your podcasts stay up-to-date. A highly customizable playlist maker lets you tinker and selectively build your playlists on the go, while numerous playback options (such as episode streaming, variable speed playback, video podcast support and more) allow you to play your content however you like.

Downcast continues to add to its features, with CarPlay, Apple Watch, and Google Cast support among the new additions.

Podcast Republic 

Download: for Android

The Podcast Republic is a free, ad-supported podcatcher app that offers you a wealth of features, so much so that we’re almost surprised that it’s not a paid app. The Podcast Republic covers everything from podcast discovery and automatic downloading, configurable storage management, streaming playback support, a sleep timer and car mode for easy handling while on the road. Chromecast and Android Wear support to allow you to ‘cast or control the app from your wrist.

The Podcast Republic is ad-supported, but an in-app purchase for $1.99 removes that.

Podcast Addict

Download: for Android

Podcast Addict is a solid, feature-packed Android podcatcher that comes with neat extras. It covers the basics with automatic updating of episodes and downloads, as well as automatic deletion features to save space, variable speed playback, a sleep timer and other neat quality of life features. Podcast search allows you to quickly find individual episodes, or search through a variety of databases for new podcasts and trending shows. In addition, the app also supports video podcasts, YouTube channels, audiobooks, streaming radio and other media sources.


Download: for Android and iOS

Podcast fans who like to talk about and share shows and moments from their favorite episodes might find Procast right up their alley. The app lets you take short, shareable snippets of audio from a podcast episode, store it on your phone, and then easily share with your friends and social media contacts.

In addition, Procast has a consolidated inbox for quickly getting to all the newest episodes of your subscribed podcasts. Easy, Tinder-like swipe controls allow you to sort through episode libraries and podcasts.

Stitcher Radio for Podcasts 

Download: for Android and iOS

Stitcher lets you “stitch together” your podcasts into a customized playlist, facilitating access to the latest episodes as they are released without downloading or syncing. You can also download episodes for offline listening. News audio alerts sent to your phone help you keep up with late-breaking stories. Stitcher helps you find new shows by recommending what mutual listeners like, as well as personalized show recommendations based on your history.

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